Don't miss any notification

With WeOn Glasses, you'll never miss a notification. Thanks to its built-in LED that can be configured with 256 colors and blinking frequency, you'll be able to choose the alert that you want and identify what is happening on your smartphone or tablet: a chat message, an SMS, an e-mail, a call, a social media update, an appointment or meeting. If you like, you can even hear audible alerts. You can program it yourself very easily with the application available for iOS and Android.

Gadgets control

It controls all your technological gadgets

The buttons on WeON Glasses can be used as a remote control to play your favorite music loaded in your smartphone or tablet. Turn the volume up and down or skip a song. Besides, WeON Glasses give you the ability to control your smartphone remotely, allowing you to activate its camera, video recorder and voice recorder. You will also be able to pass slides in your presentations by simply pressing the button.

Anti-lost function

Don’t ever lose your glasses… or your Smartphone/Tablet

If you want, when your WeON Glasses move outside a pre-specified radius from your smartphone or tablet … both will beep. And thanks to the radar function, you will be able to see through the screen of any of your devices the exact location of your WeON Glasses. You will also be able to make your smartphone beep by pushing the button on your WeON Glasses or making your WeON Glasses beep by using the app on your smartphone. This will help you avoid losing your gear at the worst moment.

If you do not find your smartphone or tablet, press one of the buttons on the WEON Glasses and your device will ring.


Customize your WeON Glasses

You will be able to choose your personal notification code, so you’ll be the only one who knows what it means. But you will also be able to simply and easily customize the WeON logo in your glasses with whatever light color you wish — or turn off the logo — depending how you feel each day.

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